Business and Contract Law Whether you have been in business for years or are just looking to start, you need effective contracts, thorough legal document review, and powerful representation. Let us help you make your business a success!
Business and Contract Law
Criminal Defense Law When you're charged with a DUI or other crime, you need a compassionate counselor to provide you with advice and an effective advocate to protect your rights in court. Whether it's a serious felony offense or a simple misdemeanor, let us help you set things right!
Criminal Defense Law
Real Estate Law Your home is one of your biggest assets. Make sure you protect your investment by having a dedicated attorney by your side. Whether you are a buyer, seller, borrower who is refinancing, or lender/investor, we offer to you the closing, title insurance and legal services that you need.
Real Estate Law
Family and Matrimonial Law Whether you face a divorce, custody, support or other family issue, you need an attorney with the skill and sensitivity to zealously represent your interests. Our focus is getting you the best results while avoiding unneeded animosity, stress, or unnecessarily drawing out your case.
Family and Matrimonial Law
Debt Collection We specialize in collecting on those lingering delinquent debts that plague your business while preserving our client's image and reputation. Let our office's vigorous collections process work for you!
Debt Collection
Wills and Trusts No matter how large or small your net worth, you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that your assets are properly managed and protected. We are sensitive to our clients' financial needs and work closely with top providers in the field to provide you the highest quality service.
Wills and Trusts